Mercedes Benz VR

What did the client want?

Mercedes Benz are one of the world’s most prestigious brands. So, when the opportunity arose to work with them M7 quickly obliged. Mercedes wanted an innovative way to promote their commercial vehicles. 360 video is a way to immerse your audience much more than a traditional 2D video.

What was the need for the video?

Mercedes wanted to go on a tour around the UK promoting their commercial vehicles. They acquired a large trailer and wanted to pack it full of innovative technologies such as AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality). Mercedes wanted a 360 video to be a part of this suite of technologies. Their aim was to programme a set of motions into a chair that matched the 360 video they wanted to create.

What was M7 Virtual’s solution?

Working alongside the agency Meet and Potato, M7 decided the idea to recreate Mercedes’ successful 2D television advert in 360 was the best solution. Many audiences already connected with the 2D advert due to it showing a huge diversity of backgrounds where their vehicles are used.

The Technical Bit

Once all the pre-production was complete it was time to start shooting. The filming took 3 days to complete and was set in 3 different locations. North Wales, Manchester and Liverpool. A hoverboard, a slider, a 3 axis gimbal, and an electric bike were a few techniques utilised by M7 to capture the perfect shots. M7 predominantly used the Kandao Obsidian R camera as this enabled us to use it on a wide range of rigs, whilst keeping the capture resolution at 8K.

How did M7 Virtual achieve the solution?

M7 and the team got the ball rolling by studying the original television advert that the 360 was to be based on, and began planning out the shoot days into a set of storyboards. In order to match the original advert as best as possible, the team at Meet and Potato started getting back in touch with the cast from the original video.

What was the end result?

Mercedes ended up with an immersive 360 experience. The 360 video ended up matching the 2D advert very accurately and the videos movements were programmed into the chair successfully.

What were the benefits and ROI of the video?

The large Mercedes trailer toured around the country appearing at numerous shows, festivals, and events. Large queues of around 100 people waited outside to see what it was all about. Mercedes further enhanced the reputation they have for being an innovative company by creating an original immersive suite in order to promote their commercial vehicles. Since the release of the 360 film engagement for Mercedes Commercial Vehicles has gone up significantly.