Mistika VR Top 5 Features

The M7 team have been using SGO’s Mistika VR since its beta stages and have been extremely happy with the ease of use and efficiency of the software not to mention the quality of the outputs. Here are our top 5 favourite features:

1. Accurate colour matching

Through a combination of individual camera exposure/colour adjustments, blend feathering control and also input gamma selection Mistika gives the user extensive control over the balancing of the colours within the image. A wide selection of input gammas can be chosen to ensure you get the perfect adjustment of the image.





2. Optical flow stitching

The feature Mistika VR is best known for is Optical flow stitching. This is one of our favourite features the software has to offer and it’s been a huge timesaver when it comes to our neat stitching workflow as it has allowed us to reduce/remove the time spent rotoscoping and mesh warping in After Effects for alot of our projects. It should be noted that this isnt a fool proof method of stitching and parallax issues and poor intital alignment of clips may lead to noticeable jello within the footage so it is imperative to start with the best stitch possible before ticking the optical flow option.





3. Integration with Kandao/Insta360 Templates

This allows us to create bespoke templates. For our shots using Kandao Studio software which calibrates the footage as best as possible. Therefore giving us the highest quality stitch and also saves time compared to manual or control point methods.


4. Customisation of stitch

Mistika VR features a myriad of options to manually adjust stitches should it be required, therefore giving us full control over the edit.


5. VR mode preview

The VR preview is a great way to check our 360 stitches prior to rendering them from Mistika. It allows us to move freely around the image and zoom in and out to check alignment/distortion etc.